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  • Odell Beckham Jr. Uses Cold Laser Therapy to Treat Injured Ankle

    Odell Beckham Jr., wide receiver for the New York Giants, recently suffered an injury to his left ankle. According to the and SiriusXM’s Gil Brandt, Beckham is seeking therapy through Thera-Lase cell treatment. This cold laser therapy is an effective, non-invasive technique for pain relief and soft tissue injuries. In fact, two years ago, Panthers defensive end Jared Allen successfully ...
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  • ART for CrossFit Athletes

    At Manhattan Sports Therapy, we provide effective therapy techniques to treat a variety of muscle pain and injuries. If you are a CrossFit athlete suffering from back pain, muscle tightness, shin splints, knee injuries, shoulder pain, or other injuries, our Active Release Technique (ART) can provide permanent relief. ART focuses on soft tissue and can correct a variety of musculoskeletal issues ...
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  • How Does a Cortisone Injection Relieve Joint Pain?

    Cortisone injections are typically used for temporary relief. A cortisone injection allows a doctor to deliver potent medicine directly to the site of inflammation. For most people, the initial corticosteroid injection will reduce inflammation and pain. A successful cortisone injection can suppress localized inflammation anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months, depending on the condition of the patient ...
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  • What Is a Hamstring and What Does it Do?

    Hamstrings are made up of three muscles located on the backside of the thigh. These three muscles originate behind the pelvis and extend below the knee, behind the upper calf muscle. Two of these hamstring muscles pass the knee on the inner side while the third “hammy” inserts on the outer shin above the calf muscle. Hamstrings assist with slowing the motion of the knee while running, extending ...
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