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In an interview late last year, the co-director of the New York University Spine Center, Dr. Anthony Frempong-Boadu, gave an interview about spine health. During the interview, he indicated any well-trained professional could contribute to the overall health of the spine.

According to Dr. Frempong-Boadu, as a spinal surgeon, very few people need his services. He is in a highly specialized field, and people with severe spinal damage might come to him in an attempt to fix a slipped disk or pinched area of the spinal cord. More people require different “modalities” of spinal care.

Chiropractors are practitioners of the more holistic area of spinal care and body health. The doctor indicated they could be a particular benefit to the process of healing the spine or maintaining spinal health.

The only word of caution Dr. Frempong-Boadu gave was to be smart and wise with your choice of a chiropractor, as you would with any health professional who will be in charge of your medical care and well-being. If you’re not getting what you need from a particular treatment or method of care, it may be time to move on to other modalities.

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