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Benefits of Cold-Laser Light Therapy

Do you suffer from back pain, tendonitis, chronic jaw pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel, or other related conditions? Do you feel that other conventional means of treatment have been unsuccessful? If so, cold-laser light therapy could be right for you. Our sports medicine doctor in NYC offers this non-invasive, painless treatment to help treat a wide array of conditions.  

What is Cold-Laser Light Therapy?

Cold-laser light therapy is a low-intensity laser therapy that stimulates healing with a low-level or near-infrared laser light. It is different from conventional “hot” laser procedures which are used to get rid of tumors or coagulate tissue. Alternatively, it is called “cold” laser therapy simply because the low light levels are not enough to heat your body’s tissue.

How does it work?

Cold-laser light therapy works by using different frequencies of low-level light on a specified area of discomfort. The light is then absorbed by your body tissue and the near-infrared light causes a reaction which distorts the damaged cells with a physiological reaction that promotes regeneration of that cell.

Wavelengths between 600 and 700 nanometers commonly treat surface-level skin tissue. While wavelengths of 780-950 nanometers are used for deeper penetration treatment.

The procedure is painless and noninvasive although you will feel the laser device touching your skin. There will be no feeling of heat or vibration, and the procedure does not make noise. Our sports medicine doctor in NYC has years of experience performing this procedure.  

Benefits of Cold-Laser Therapy

Cold-laser therapy has many benefits, as it can treat conditions such as minor injuries and sprains. These include ligament and muscle strains, tendonitis, bursitis, tennis elbow, and others. It also helps reduce swelling and promotes the healing of soft tissue and joints.  

Cold-laser therapy also aids inflammation, various aches and pains, and is used as an alternative to acupuncture as well. If you are seeking a sports medicine doctor in NYC, our experienced team at Manhattan Sports Therapy can help relieve your various pains and conditions with cold-laser light therapy.

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