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Preparing for Graston Technique® Treatment

If you’ve been experiencing back pain, wrist tendonitis, neck pain, or other forms of body and joint discomfort, the Graston Technique® may be a therapy option to help treat your pain. The Graston Technique® uses special steel instruments specifically designed to move and stimulate soft tissue. When used as the main component of a sports therapy treatment plan, the Graston Technique® can assist patients with mobility and increased balance. In this blog, our Manhattan sports medicine doctor explains how to prepare for your first Graston Technique® treatment session.

Before Treatment

When you first arrive to your appointment, it’s likely that your doctor will ask that you do five minutes of cardiovascular activity, whether it be riding on a stationary bike or walking on a treadmill. This allows your muscles and tissue to warm up before undergoing the treatment.

During Treatment

The doctor performing the treatment will use the appropriate steel instruments to massage the affected area. The massage techniques used are very specific and calculated – each area will be treated for 30-60 seconds and you may feel slight discomfort during the appointment. If the pain becomes unbearable, be sure to voice your concerns to your doctor.

After Treatment

If you notice soreness, bruising, or small red dots over the treated area, there’s no need for concern. You are expected to feel a certain degree of soreness after the procedure. Applying ice for 20 minutes and stretching are found to be the most effective ways to help with post-procedure pain. In the following days and weeks, many patients claim to experience an increase in range of motion. Because no two patients are alike, you may need more than one session to experience the benefits of the Graston Technique®.

At Manhattan Sports Therapy, our Manhattan sports medicine doctor is board certified in the Graston Technique®. To schedule your first appointment, call (646) 798-1330 today!