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Avoiding Back Injuries This Holiday Season

While it’s often a thought that is left unnoticed, paying special attention to your back care and practicing precaution when doing simple holiday tasks can help avoid suffering from painful back injuries. In this blog, our Manhattan sports therapist explains how to best protect your back from strains this holiday season.

Prolonged Standing

It’s very likely you’ll be invited to various holiday parties and functions, where you’ll be standing for a prolonged period of time. Standing in one position for hours on end can cause back aches and discomfort. Be sure to maintain a somewhat wide stance, and keep one foot more forward than the other – this helps not only keep your weight properly distributed, but it maintains good alignment in the spine.

Kitchen Activities

When standing over the stove to prepare your holiday meals, avoid hunching over and slouching forward. Maintain your shoulders back, which will automatically help keep your back straight. If you’re taking food out of the oven, it’s best to pull the oven shelf out first to prevent you from having to bend in awkward positions and reach while holding a heavy baking dish.

Setting up Holiday Decorations

If you were assigned the task of retrieving boxes of decorations from the garage, be sure to lift using your leg muscles, as opposed to bending at the waist and putting extra pressure on your back. Improperly lifting heavy boxes can cause slipped discs and other back conditions. Carry boxes close to the body and avoid lifting too heavy of a load – making more trips with lighter loads is better than risking a painful back injury.

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