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Preventing Muscle and Tendon Injuries in the Workplace

A majority of us go to work every day, and spend upwards of eight hours sitting in a chair. While this sedentary lifestyle seems harmless, many people begin feeling the discomfort associated with performing the same or similar tasks repetitively – typing and sitting in awkward positions can take a toll on your tendons and muscles. In this blog, our Manhattan sports medicine doctor explains how to prevent muscle and tendon strains in the work place.

Arrange Your Workstation

You should set up your desk and work area in a way that allows you to sit or stand in a position that is not only comfortable, but does not put added stress on any specific area of the body. A good rule of thumb to follow is if your seated or standing position doesn’t feel natural, it’s probably not good for you. You should be able to keep your neck at a neutral position and minimize the need to constantly be looking up or to the side while working.

Eliminate Waist Movement

Your workstation tools should be kept within reach. You should not be having to bend or twist at the waist in order to reach whatever supplies or tools you need to work. Frequent waist bending or turning can lead to pain and discomfort in the lower back.

Take Breaks when Needed

Throughout the day, take short breaks to allow yourself to stretch and move. Short breaks give your eyes a break from looking at a computer screen and it can also release any buildup of muscle tension that’s accumulated throughout the day. Be sure to stretch your arms, shoulders, back, and legs. When sitting, try to focus on relaxing your shoulders – oftentimes our shoulders tense up without us realizing it.

Ergonomics can help prevent injuries such as carpal tunnel and back strains. At Manhattan Sports Therapy, Dr. Nemirovsky has experience instructing patients on how workstations can be improved for injury or strain prevention.

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