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Blog Posts in February, 2017

  • Drugs Should Be a Last Resort to Treat Acute Lower Back Pain

    Besides surgery, many people believe that the best way to relieve back pain is taking medication. However, new studies suggest that painkillers should only be treated as a last resort to back pain relief. According to the American College of Physicians (ACP), pills should only be prescribed after physical therapy treatments had failed. The respected organization issued new guidelines to doctors in ...
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  • Should I Ice or Heat My Sports Injury?

    If you’re into sports or fitness at all, you’re probably aware of the simple home remedy of ice or heat to relax and heal sore muscles. Both can help remove waste products and bring in healing cells by increasing blood flow to a particular area of the body. However, using the wrong one can actually slow the healing process and even make the injury worse, so you want to make sure you get the right ...
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  • Causes of Muscle Cramps and How to Avoid Them

    If you’ve ever had a muscle cramp, sometimes called a charley horse, you know just how painful the experience can be. You might have heard that avoiding muscle cramps is as simple as staying hydrated; however, drinking plenty of water may be only a small part of the story. To help stave off cramps, it is important to understand what causes these muscles spasms as well as their warnings signs. ...
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  • Can Acupuncture Help with Back and Neck Pain?

    Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain in the neck and back. Whether caused by poor posture, diseases like arthritis, a sports injury, or an accident, chronic pain can be debilitating and can make even the most routine tasks incredibly difficult. Medication is often not enough to provide full relief because it only masks the symptoms rather than addressing the cause. Fortunately, ...
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  • Can Physical Therapy Help Arthritis Pain?

    People who suffer from arthritis tend to experience limited mobility as a result of their symptoms. Arthritis pain can be a huge problem, and finding relief can be an even greater challenge. If you suffer from chronic arthritis pain, physical therapy is a great option to help you find relief from your symptoms and get you back to performing daily tasks without difficulty. While physical therapy ...
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  • Tips for Maintaining Your Fitness New Year's Resolution

    We’ve officially turned the corner into February, a notoriously difficult month for many people working to maintain their New Year’s resolutions. This can be especially true if your goals involve getting back into shape or pushing past a tricky plateau. Here at Manhattan Sports Therapy, we want to help our clients and readers avoid falling into common pitfalls. Below, we have included and outlined ...
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