Can Physical Therapy Help Arthritis Pain?

People who suffer from arthritis tend to experience limited mobility as a result of their symptoms. Arthritis pain can be a huge problem, and finding relief can be an even greater challenge. If you suffer from chronic arthritis pain, physical therapy is a great option to help you find relief from your symptoms and get you back to performing daily tasks without difficulty. While physical therapy cannot reverse arthritis, it can be an effective way to help patients manage pain caused by stiff joints.

Decreasing Pain by Increasing Mobility

Arthritis pain is a vicious cycle. Pain in the joints can cause people to limit movement in those areas, but unfortunately, limiting movement can worsen joint stiffness and cause even more pain. Physical therapy is a way to keep the joints moving and help prevent a worsening of symptoms.

There are a number of physical therapy techniques that are useful for managing
arthritis, such as:

    • Positioning the body to protect joints and avoid the onset of pain and stiffness
    • Relearning how to complete everyday tasks in a way that is safer for joints
    • Massages and stretches that keep the joints moving and promote range of
      motion and function

The goal of the therapist is to use a combination of treatments in order to help the patient find what best helps them manage their symptoms. Since all patients are different, a physical therapist will tailor treatment to the needs of the client and use the approach that best suits each individual case. This is a gradual process and sessions will vary in frequency depending on the individual needs of each patient.

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