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As computers become more and more necessary for completing daily activities, they, unfortunately, can lead to some health issues. One of those being, mouse shoulder. Mouse shoulder is a pain that stems from using the computer without the appropriate arm support. In medical terms, it’s considered a repetitive strain injury (RSI). The repetitive motions you go through each day when using the computer can lead you to have some shoulder, back, or neck pain. For most, there isn’t a way to lessen the use of computers or find alternative ways to get the work done. So, fortunately, at Manhattan Sports Therapy our team is here to help treat your pain and discomfort due to the symptoms attached to mouse shoulder.

Symptoms of Mouse Shoulder:

You may be wondering, how do I know if I have mouse shoulder? Some symptoms may include:

  • Pain in the shoulder that is in control of the computer mouse
  • A pain extending throughout the arm, all the way to your hands
  • Tightness stemming from your upper back or shoulders
  • Headaches
  • A weak feeling in your hand
  • Numbness or tingling in the hand

If you are suffering from any of the following symptoms listed above, our chiropractor in New York City is here to help. Rather than dealing with the pain, we will work with you to try and eliminate the pain altogether.

How Can I Prevent Mouse Shoulder?

If you are looking for some simple, yet effective ways to relieve your pain, try incorporating some of these ideas into your day and workspace:

  • Try taking short breaks throughout the workday between tasks
  • Try doing shoulder rolls
  • Place your mouse in a location where you don’t have to reach for it
  • Make sure your wrist is in a neutral position
  • Hold your mouse lightly while working
  • Break the repetition

How Can Our Chiropractor In New York City Help?

Our chiropractor can help relieve the pain you’ve been experiencing from mouse shoulder. Depending on the nature of your injury, there are a variety of methods and techniques that can help. Some of these include:

  • Chiropractic Adjustment

When it comes to adjustments, they can be done either manually or with the help of an instrument. There are specific areas our chiropractor in New York City may focus on when applying this technique. Depending on the location, the adjustment method may vary. These areas include:

  • The Thoracic
    • This involves adjusting the upper back or shoulder blades.  
  • Costovertebral
    • More specifically, the rib cage. Adjustments made in this area are commonly linked to relieving mouse shoulder.
  • Lower Cervical
    • This can be done manually, but also can incorporate the use of an instrument.
  • Glenohumeral
    • This technique can also be performed manually or be instrument-assisted. It involves the joints located in your arms.
  • Physical Therapy

This will help strengthen the weak muscles and build endurance in the shoulder. The exercises will be focused on increasing the mobility of the affected joint and improving the balance of your muscles.

  • Soft Tissue/Manual Care

By applying hands-on pressure on the muscle tissue affected and manipulating the joint, this will help decrease any pain you are experiencing in the shoulder.

  • Active Release Technique

After conducting a thorough examination of the affected tissue in the shoulder and evaluating the tissue texture, tightness, tenderness, and temperature, the Active Release Technique will help reduce pain symptoms while improving range of motion, strength, and stability.

  • Graston Technique

By using specialized instruments to move and stimulate the soft tissue for effective treatment, this technique will be able to effectively assist with pain relief, mobility, and increased balance in the shoulder.

If you find yourself in pain while using the computer at work, it may be time to seek treatment. Make an appointment with our chiropractor in New York City at Manhattan Sports Therapy. Rather than dealing with the pain, our team can help prevent your mouse shoulder, while also receiving the right treatment just for you!