Causes and Triggers of Migraine Headaches

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More than 3 million Americans are affected by
migraines every year. Unlike normal headaches we may experience from time to time,
migraine headaches can cause severe nausea, vomiting, changes in vision,
and sensitivity to sounds, smells, and light. Migraines are usually self-diagnosable,
and typically last no longer than two days. For those who suffer chronic
migraines, however, symptoms may linger for 15 days or more each month.
In this blog, we discuss the causes and triggers of migraines and how
they can be treated.


What causes a migraine?


There are a number of things that can cause a migraine, which is why it
remains somewhat of a medical mystery. Medical experts have pinpointed
several biological causes of migraines, but have not identified a definitive
explanation behind why they occur. Common causes can include an undiagnosed
central nervous disorder, irregularities in the brain’s blood vessel
system, and abnormalities in nerve pathways.


What triggers a migraine?


Several lifestyle factors can be triggers to set off a migraine headache.
Salty or aged foods, including cheese and salami, can trigger migraines
– if you’re someone who is prone to getting migraines, you
should stay away from processed foods and avoid skipping meals. Women
who are on hormonal medications, such as birth control, can be at risk
for migraines as well.


Using Chiropractic Treatment for Migraines


The origins of migraine pain is often found in the neck, shoulders, and
upper back.
Dr. Nemirovsky from Manhattan Sports Therapy is a leading spine specialist who has extensive experience treating patients
suffering from migraine headaches. By combining physical therapy, rehabilitative
techniques, and chiropractic principals, Dr. Nemirovsky works tirelessly
to pinpoint specific headache triggers to treat the issue at its root.


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