How to Choose the Right Physical Therapist

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If you have suffered a serious injury, your doctor may recommend that you undergo
physical therapy. On the other hand, you may also be able to refer yourself to physical therapy.


Whether you ask a friend who may have been to physical therapy or searching
on the internet, finding a physical therapist is quite simple. However,
which one is the best choice for you?


The following are important questions to ask before deciding on a physical


    • Do you accept my insurance? In many cases, patients attend physical therapy without knowing whether
      or not their insurance coverage is acceptable. Ensure that your prospective
      candidate accepts your insurance to avoid paying big out-of-pocket expenses
      and suffering a huge headache.


    • Do you specialize in treating my injury? Many physical therapists are board-certified clinical specialists, meaning
      that they have passes rigorous tests and spent many hours treating a specific
      condition or demographic. For instance, if you are experiencing hip or
      knee pain, you should see an orthopedic clinical specialist.


    • How many patients do you see a day? While some physical therapists elect to commit time to only one patient
      for each appointment, others may treat several people at the same time.
      If you feel that you need more individualized treatment, make sure to
      select a physical therapist that only sees one person at a time.


    • Will I see the same physical therapist or a different one each time? Some physical therapy clinics schedule patients with the same therapist
      to help build a strong relationship, while others may schedule appointments
      with the first available therapist, allowing a person to try different
      treatment strategies.


    • What is your cancellation or no show policy? Sometimes, emergencies occur which may force you to miss your appointment
      or be late. There are many clinics who charge their patients a fee if
      an appointment is canceled without a timely notice, typically 24 hours
      ahead of time. Toa void paying extra costs during your rehabilitation,
      find out the physical therapist’s cancellation policy.


Asking these questions can help you make the best decision possible about
your rehabilitation, and can help you find the best physical therapist
for your specific condition.


If you have found yourself on the sidelines due to a sports-related injury
or pain in New York,
request an appointment with our experienced doctor at
Manhattan Sports Therapy today.


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