Injuries You Shouldn’t Still Train Through

physical therapy and rehabilitation can sometimes be painful, not all pain is considered
the good kind. If you’re pushing through pain, you’re putting
yourself at a far greater risk of losing what you have gained from rehab
than if you were to ease up on your exercises. There are several types
of injuries that you cannot train through whatsoever.

The following are injuries you shouldn’t still train through:

  • Stress fractures – Stress fractures occur when you place more stress on your bones
    than they can handle. If you continue stressing the bone, the microscopic
    fracture can develop into a complete break.

  • Achilles tendonitis – Injury to the Achilles tendon can range from mild damage of the
    tendon to a complete rupture, which requires surgery to repair. If you
    try to push through it, the injury can become a chronic degeneration,
    known as Achilles tendinosis, or a complete tear of the tendon.

  • Runner’s knee – Patellofemoral pain syndrome occurs when the kneecap rubs on the
    thighbone, resulting in pain at the front of the knee. This injury often
    occurs when there is a muscle and strength imbalance in the quads and
    hips, as well as excessive tightness in the connective tissues surrounding
    the knee. Training through runner’s knee can result in increased
    damage to and degeneration of the cartilage that is positioned underneath
    your kneecap.

  • Lower back pain – This injury is typically the result of a weak core and glute muscles,
    overworking the muscles designed to support and stabilize the pelvis and
    spine, as well as improper movement patterns. If you continue to train
    with lower back pain, the lingering pain can become a debilitating chronic
    pain that disrupts your quality of life.

  • Hamstring strains – This injury occurs when the muscle tears, whether slightly or completely.
    Hamstring injuries are notorious for being chronic issues, so avoid training
    until the pain subsides.

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