Is Your Work Setup Helping or Hurting You?

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If you are like the vast majority of Americans who work full-time or even
just part-time, then you have felt sore at the end of the workday more
often than you would expect. Indeed, for so many people, they feel both
soreness and stings of pain
each and every day they go to work. Is this just a consequence of manual labor?
Or, is there more going on here that needs to be addressed?


Your Workplace Setup Might Not Be Helping


Since both construction workers and people who work office jobs in an air
conditioned environment experience the same or similar soreness after
a day of work, we must conclude that pain is not simply a consequence
of tough labor. Instead, it is how people are working that is causing
the pain. In particular, workplace setups necessary to complete tasks
might be doing more harm than good, hurting more than helping.


Consider the key equipment the average office worker uses day-in and day-out:
keyboard, mouse, chair, and desk. Everything on that list should be helping
the worker complete their job with ease, but might instead cause harm.
The keyboard and mouse can cause gradual yet serious wrist and hand pain, even
carpal tunnel if they are not ergonomically-designed for that particular worker. The
height of the desk and the shape of the chair can lead to
back soreness and
severe neck pain as the years or months go by.


Ergonomics is the study of someone’s efficiency in the workplace,
specifically how it relates to the equipment used and furniture provided.
If you have been feeling sore after an average workday, you should talk
to your boss or supervisor about ergonomics and why it is so important
in the workplace.


Fixing Damage That Has Already Been Done


What are you supposed to do if you think you already have suffered lasting
injuries due to the poor design of your work setup? At this point, you
will need to look into medicinal treatments to alleviate the problems
before they get worse. Our team of physical therapists at Manhattan Sports
Therapy may be able to provide just the attention and therapy needed to
correct your injuries, reduce your pain, and prevent harm from happening
again. We can use our in-depth knowledge of
workplace and work station ergonomics to your unique situation, allowing us to apply
physical rehabilitation therapy suited exactly to your needs.


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