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Elbow Pain

Elbow pain is one of the most common problems encountered by healthcare professionals. The arms and hands are used continuously. Lifting items, opening doors, twisting off a bottle cap, etc. are just a few daily activities that require use of the elbow. A sore or painful elbow can be disastrous for daily activities and athletic performance. Our goal at Manhattan Sports Therapy is to provide comprehensive and convenient physical therapy treatments that boost healing and ease pain.

Causes & Types of Elbow Pain

Painful and detrimental to overall health, elbow pain is caused by a variety of issues. A broken bone or fracture, where bones in or adjacent to the elbow joint break or fracture, can cause immense pain. Cubital tunnel syndrome, caused by compression or pressure on the ulnar nerve that runs along the medial elbow, is a common condition that often causes chronic pain. A few additional elbow issues include medial apophysitis, medial epicondylitis, and lateral epicondylitis, known as baseball, golfer, and tennis elbow, respectively.

Sports-related elbow injuries can be especially painful. Sports that require frequent use of the arms, elbows, and hands can cause an assortment of limb-related health issues. Overuse of limbs often results in chronic inflammation and cartilage breakdown. Our Manhattan sports medicine doctors are here to help heal these issues as quickly as possible. We use tailored physical therapy treatments to minimize your pain and heal your body as effectively as possible.

Elbow Pain Treatments

Our experienced team at Manhattan Sports Therapy will examine your elbows to determine what caused the soreness or pain. A Manhattan Sports injury doctor at our office can design a comprehensive treatment program to heal or manage the pain you’re experiencing.

One procedure that is often done for elbow pain is gentle stretching of the forearm musculature. An assortment of stretches can be used to improve elbow inflammation and pain. We will perform these stretches with you during physical therapy. We will also actively monitor all stretching to make sure it is performed correctly.

Another common treatment for elbow pain is a heat compress. These compresses are particularly helpful for those suffering from chronic pain. A hot pack is placed around both the elbow and forearm. Avoiding direct contact with the skin, the compress works to attract blood flow and nutrients to the area, encouraging healing.

Between physical therapy treatments, braces are generally prescribed. A counterforce brace helps dissipate muscle force before it reaches the elbow. A wrist immobilization brace immobilizes the wrist and allows muscles to rest completely. Both braces are used to aid healing when not in contact with a healthcare professional.

Elbow pain can restrict movement, interfere with daily life, and hinder athletic performance. Manhattan Sports Therapy offers non-invasive physical therapy treatments proven to heal injuries and alleviate pain. Designed to improve function and restore mobility, our physical therapy treatments are administered by board certified, licensed physicians. Thoroughly trained in physical therapy procedures, our team is experienced at solving all forms of elbow pain.

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