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One of the most common injuries people face is a sprained ankle. This injury can range be both painful and debilitating, making it challenging to complete day to day activities. A sprained ankle is often caused by a twisting motion that is unnatural and occurs when the foot is planted awkwardly. If you believe you sprained your ankle and are looking for a doctor of sports medicine in Manhattan, contact Manhattan Sports Therapy for an appointment.

What Is A Sprained Ankle?

An ankle sprain occurs when you twist, turn or roll your ankle in an unusual way that is often painful. This can force the ligaments beyond their normal range and cause a stretch or tear in the ligaments that help your ankle bones stay together. Symptoms of a sprained ankle may include:

Types Of Ankle Sprains

While sprained ankles do occur often, the degree of severity can vary per person. Because of this, there are three different grades of ankle sprains that this injury can be categorized as. These three grades are:

  • First degree- The ligament is stretched, but not torn.
  • Second degree- An ankle sprain that is ruled a second degree is the most common type of ankle injury and it is when the ligament is partially torn.
  • Third degree- When the ligament has been torn completely, it is categorized as a third degree.

If you believe you may have suffered an ankle sprain and are in need of a doctor, contact Manhattan Sports Therapy for the best sports medicine in Manhattan.

How Can Ankle Sprains be Prevented?

There are many ways you can prevent ankle sprains in your daily life. Some ways to prevent this injury include:

  • Stretching before and after exercising
  • Improving flexibility
  • Improving balance
  • Wearing supportive shoes

How We Can Help

If you are in need of a doctor for your ankle injury, contact Manhattan Sports Therapy. Our experienced doctors will diagnose and treat any ankle injuries you may have. Contact us today for the best sports medicine in Manhattan.

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