Protecting Your Muscles During Winter

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With fall quickly turning into winter, temperatures are dropping, which
can have an effect on how your body functions. Your muscles, in particular,
experience more difficulty contracting in colder temperatures than in
warmer climates. Without adequate preparation before exercising, you are
putting your body at risk of sustaining a sports injury. In this blog,
our Manhattan sports medicine doctor explains how to prevent injury in
the colder months.


Never Skip Warming Up


Muscles that have not been properly a prone for injury. Before any type
of exercise, start with some light movement, to get your muscles accustomed
to the movement before diving into a strenuous workout. Common warmup
exercises can include jumping jacks, high kicks, and other less intensive
movements. After warmup, take a couple minutes to stretch. If you’re
targeting your workout on one particular part of the body, focus most
of your stretching to that area.


Wear Layers


If you are exercising outdoors, it’s imperative that you try to keep
your muscles at a controlled temperature warm enough to allow them to
perform without risking a strain or tear. Wearing several layers of light,
loose clothing gives you the option of removing or adding as you see necessary
as your body temperature fluctuates.


Pace Yourself


It’s important that you take enough water breaks. Contrary to some
belief, you can still overheat and fall into dehydration in colder temperatures.
Drink plenty of water beforehand and during exercise. To keep your muscles
from cooling down, use these small breaks to do some small stretching
– this will keep major muscles warm and flexible.


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