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Do you experience frequent or chronic pain or numbness in your buttocks
and legs? If your answer is yes, you may be dealing with sciatica. Sciatica
is a nerve issue that can affect the butt and legs, making them go numb
or prickly painfully. Although nearly 40% of the populate deals with,
or has dealt with, sciatica, this condition is often very misunderstood.
Discover 4 need-to-know facts about sciatica and how it could affect your life.


1. Nerve Pain May Vary


Individuals dealing with sciatica may experience nerve pain or numbness
in a few different areas. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the
body, and individuals suffering from sciatica may experience pain anywhere
along the nerve. This means you could feel pain in the lower back only,
it could be radiating pain down the buttock, or it could go all the way
down to the foot. Each patient experiences sciatica pain differently.
Just as the areas affected be sciatica may vary, so too can the symptoms.
Some individuals may feel pain, other numbness, though some others may
experience muscular weakness.


2. Anyone Could Be Affected


People from all walks of life can be affected by sciatica. This painful
condition could be caused by some traumatic event, or it could be the
result of sitting at a desk all day, repetitive stress, an old injury,
or a number of other issues. Because these causes vary so greatly, the
athletic and non-athletic alike can experience sciatica.


3. It Is Important to See a Specialist


When you have a toothache, you see a dentist. When you have sciatica, it
only makes sense that you see a musculoskeletal specialist. Chiropractors
receive special training in the musculoskeletal system and have a thorough
understanding of how the body works. If you experience pain or numbness
in your legs or buttock, make sure you see your chiropractor for an expert opinion.


4. There Are Several Treatment Options


Sciatica can be treated by physical therapy, special injections, or through
correcting the behavior that is causing the pain. Typically more conservative
treatments will be used first, though severe cases may require more long-term


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