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Ankle Sprains 101

The ankle joint is often injured, mainly from an unnatural twisting motion which occurs when there is an unusual amount of force applied to the joint, on uneven ground, when the foot is planted awkwardly, or when rolled. Physical activity during sporting events, while running or walking, even getting out of bed can injure the ligaments or tendons of the ankle. These injuries can be painful and make it difficult to carry on with daily activities, but our sports medicine doctor in Manhattan can assist you with your pain.

Ankle Sprains Classification & Symptoms

Ankle sprains are categorized by severity from grade I through grade III. They can also be broken down into two groups of ankle sprains: complicated and uncomplicated. Uncomplicated sprains are treated without surgery, whereas complicated sprains typically require surgery. Our sports medicine doctor in Manhattan will determine your sprain by this guideline:

Grade I: partial ligament tear

  • Mild tenderness, swelling, and stiffness
  • Minimal pain while walking

Grade II: incomplete ligament tear

  • Moderate pain, swelling, and bruising
  • The damaged area is tender to the touch
  • The ankle may feel stable, but walking is painful

Grade III: complete ligament tear

  • Severe swelling and bruising
  • The ankle is unstable and may feel wobbly
  • Intense pain while walking; ankle gives out, therefore walking may seem impossible

At Manhattan Sports Therapy, our team will work with you by utilizing a combination of manual skills, modalities, and exercises to help you improve recovery from your ankle injury and help improve your quality of day to day life. We are dedicated to providing individualized, hands-on care that aids healing and long-term wellness. Our sports medicine doctor in Manhattan is committed to helping you heal and recover one day at a time. Schedule an appointment with our sports medicine doctor in Manhattan to determine your ankle sprain grade and to create the appropriate recovery plan.

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