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Are you constantly on your phone, with your head down, frantically scrolling
and typing away? With so much of our lives happening somewhere else, it’s
no surprise that we all happen to be looking down at those screens we
can’t seem to let go of. Whether you’re checking emails for
work or playing that new addicting game, chances are you’re spending
too much time craning your neck downwards and typing,. The chances of
developing carpal tunnel are increasing at an alarming rate, and you might be next.


At Dr. Rolland Nemirovsky’s Manhattan Sports Therapy office, we strive
to make sure you are never in any physical discomfort or pain, which is
why we offer comprehensive, professional, and compassionate care. Many
people don’t realize that the newest wave of carpal tunnel stems
from straining your neck to look down at your mobile device, in addition
to the constant and repetitive hand and wrist movements. If you’re
experiencing any of the below symptoms, look no further than Dr. Rolland
Nemirovsky for a top sports medicine doctor in New York.


The symptoms of carpal tunnel stemming from phone or mobile device overuse
include, but are not limited to:


    • Hand, wrist, or forearm pain


    • Numbness


    • Pins and needles


    • Clumsiness


    • Weakness


Often referred to as “tech neck,” these unfortunate and often uncomfortable symptoms are a consequence
that some of us can’t avoid due to our careers or lifestyles. Our
expert and comprehensive care will help you heal, whether that requires
physical therapy or a more extensive surgical route. Dr. Rolland Nemirovsky’s
professional examinations will assess your pain, strength, range of motion,
and overall status of nerve damage. If you are interested in learning
more about how we can help alleviate your pain,
contact us at 646.798.1330 to speak to one of our informed professionals today.


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