Things a Chiropractor Knows About You The Moment You Walk Into the Room

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Upon arrival to a visit with a chiropractor, we assume that doctors must
first examine us before determining what’s causing our discomfort
and pain. While that may be true, there are a number of lifestyle characteristics
a chiropractor can be sure of the minute we walk into an appointment.
In this blog, we explain how your daily routine can take a noticable toll
on your posture and on your back and neck.


You’re a Phone Addict


One of the sure signs of an individual who is addicted to their phone is
a curvature in the spine along the neck, and down towards the shoulder
blades. The medical term for this is “loss of cervical lordis,”
but it’s most commonly referred to as “text neck.” When
we’re on our phones, our head is facing down, putting 10 to 12 pounds
of pressure on our spine. The more we tilt our head down, the more pressure
is placed on our spine, resulting in “text neck.”


You Spend Most of Your Days Sitting


The human body is not built for sitting for an extended period of time.
We spend eight hours a day sitting behind a desk, which begins to wear
on our back, neck, and shoulders. Because of the time we spend in chairs,
our psoas muscles — the muscles connecting the torso to the legs– tighten
and our hamstrings shorten.


You Have Stomach Issues


The hunched forward position we assume day in and day out can have an impact
on our digestion. Any bend or curve in our upper back compresses our organs,
which can result in acid reflex and other GERD-like symptoms.


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