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Linda Kelly of Dallas, Texas thought her running days were over. Now into
her mid-60s, Kelly has long been a respected and revered member of the
distance running community in the city, but began battling knee pain in
early 2016. The pain grew so bad so quickly that by February, she was
limited to running just a quarter-mile before her pain forced her to walk.


None of the traditional orthopedist treatments helped her progress to recovery
at all, including bike rides, deep-tissue massages, and lots of walking.
One of her friends suggested that she see a local specialist who specialized
in active release techniques (ART) treatments. The very next day, she
was able to run a couple of miles.


In an interview with SportsDay, Kelly said “I felt the difference almost immediately. It made me
squirm a little bit, but it seems to have done the trick. The next day,
I was able to run a couple miles. I hadn’t been able to run in a couple


This past weekend, Kelly set a record by finishing the Plano Pacers Hall
of Fame 8K run in 40 minutes, 23 seconds.


What are Active Release Techniques?


ART are a revolutionary, non-invasive procedure that can be applied to
muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves in order to restore them and regain
pain-free motion. Specialists in these treatments use a unique course
of diagnostic protocols to identify the issue and create a recovery plan.
In many cases, these treatments involve a soft-tissue technique which
breaks down scar tissue to restore motion.


For those like Kelly, who began experiencing this immense knee pain thanks
to scar tissue, this technique restored her motion and gradually helped
her build up her training mileage once again. Kelly saw her physician
(Dr. David Lee, now retired) twice per week for a month.


Seeking ART in New York


Dr. Rolland Nemirovsky of Manhattan Sports Therapy is a licensed ART specialist
and can provide you with these treatments if you are suffering from ligament
or tissue pain. By providing you with ART, Dr. Nemirovsky helps facilitate
tissue movement during recovery, which breaks up scar tissue and prevents
muscles from weakening. These pain-free procedures may be able to help
you return to pain-free mobility and activity in as little as one visit,
depending on the severity of your injury.

If you have been injured and are suffering from chronic pain,
contact Manhattan Sports Therapy and schedule an appointment today! Find out more about our ART treatments
by calling {F:P:Site:Phone

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