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Weekend Warrior Injuries

Between juggling work, school, kids, and whatever life may throw your way, it can be difficult to make time for yourself to work out. That being said, us “Weekend Warriors” tend to push ourselves very hard when we find time to work out on the weekends. At Manhattan Sports Therapy, we provide Manhattan sports medicine in order to ensure that you’re familiar with common weekend warrior injuries, prevention, and treatment.

Weekend Warrior Injuries

The most common injuries that Weekend Warriors struggle with are:

  • Muscle strains (hamstring injuries)
  • Ligament strains (ankle sprains)
  • Tendonitis (in Achilles and elsewhere)
  • Shin splints
  • Shoulder injuries (rotator cuff)
  • Lower back pain


    • Modify – Many workouts have modifications to prevent injury. For example, if you are doing jump squats, try eliminating the jump so that you aren’t landing hard on your knees.
    • Shorter workouts – As busy as we may be, we often think we have to work out for much longer periods than we really do. Try shortening your workouts to just 30 minutes, completing them about 4 times per week.
    • Don’t push yourself! – If you are feeling like you may be pushing an injury, it’s time to back off on the workout. You don’t want to injure yourself even more.
    • Stretch – Are you stretching after every workout? This is so important to remember so that you can prevent injuries.
    • Warm up – Make sure you warm up before each workout session. Warming up your body is commonly skipped and is the leading cause of so many injuries.
    • Use proper equipment – If you are using weights that are too heavy, you could be hurting yourself. It is much better to do the exercise with lighter weights and correct form.


There are several ways to treat Weekend Warrior injuries, including RICE:

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compression
  • Elevation

If you were injured working out, we highly recommend Manhattan sports medicine. By going to physical therapy, you can work together with a physical therapist to regain strength and get back to exercising. The benefits of physical therapy for injury are very extensive, but to name a few:

  • Faster recovery time
  • Reduce or eliminate pain
  • Learn how to prevent and treat future injuries

Don’t let your injuries keep you from staying in great shape forever! Contact Manhattan Sports Therapy for Manhattan sports medicine today!

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