What to Expect at Your First Acupuncture Appointment

What To Expect


For thousands of years, the Chinese have been practicing acupuncture to
relieve individuals of tension headaches, migraines and osteoarthritis.
The treatment involves gently inserting needles into the patient’s
body, targeting locations that can stimulate hormone release and endorphin
production. Although there is nothing to fear in acupuncture, it’s
common for first-time patients to feel slightly nervous and apprehensive.
In this blog, we share what to expect at your fist acupuncture appoint
and how to properly prepare for it.


Before Your Visit


Avoid strenuous activity before your appointment. That isn’t to say
you should be completely immobile before and after treatment, but you
shouldn’t be pushing your body to the edge at the gym, either. If
you anticipate getting hungry before the appointment, make sure you eat
at least 2 hours beforehand. While you don’t want to show up to
your appointment extremely full, you also don’t want to show up
on an empty stomach – acupuncture can cause you to feel light-headed
and dizzy if you haven’t eaten. Be sure to wear loose clothing that
is comfortable, which will give the acupuncturist to have access to target areas.


During Treatment


The most important thing to remember during your appointment is to relax.
Close your eyes, try to lie still, take a few deep breathes and focus
on the areas that need healing. You can expect to feel a tiny prick with
the needle is inserted, but you should feel nothing after that initial
poke. If you do feel a sharp nerve pain, let your acupuncturist know so
he or she can remove and reinsert the needle elsewhere.


After the Appointment


Side effects from an acupuncture treatment can vary – some may feel
energized while others may feel relaxed or even tired. Because it’s
important to give your body time to rest after an acupuncture appointment,
avoid any vigorous exercise and refrain from alcohol consumption for several
hours. If you notice some minor bruising, don’t be alarmed: it’s
common for slight bruising to occur in the areas where needles were inserted.


Manhattan Sports Therapy’s lead physician Dr. Rolland Nemirvosky
is a board-certified Chiropractic Sports Physician who has successfully
treated patients from an array of different backgrounds. If you’re
suffering from osteoarthritis or neck pain, call our office at (646) 798-1330
to schedule anacupuncture appointment today.


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