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Could Custom Orthotics Help Prevent Your Back Pain? New York, NY
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Low back pain is all too common in our current culture. In fact, according to Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute, nearly 65 million Americans report a recent episode of back pain and nearly 8% of all adults experience persistent or chronic back pain. While there are many different causes of back pain, few people consider their feet.

Is Your Body’s Foundation Supported?

The feet are the foundation of the body. You’ve probably heard that humans were not meant to be standing, walking and running in shoes. However, shoes have certainly become a non-negotiable accessory in our society. While your shoes can show off your style and protect the soles of your feet, many experts believe that shoes have also made our feet weak, which has triggered problems all the way up the kinetic chain of our bodies. The low back is a common area to feel the chronic weakness of the feet. How do we fix this if we can’t necessarily walk around barefoot? Orthotic inserts could be your answer.

The Importance of Stabilizing Your Feet and Ankles?

Just like a tower of blocks you’d build as a kid, your body’s function is only as good as the stability of your foundation. While no one has a perfectly balanced and aligned body, your instabilities in one area of your body can cause pain in other areas due to compensation over time. This commonly occurs between the feet and the back.

Here is an example of how this develops. If the feet are not properly supported in the arch, the ankles will respond by collapsing inward. The knee joints tend to follow the ankle joints. When the knees are buckled in, the hips become unstable. Unstable hips are a leading cause of low back pain.

The Aline Insole Solution

At Manhattan Sports Therapy, we realize the connection between your feet stability and your low back comfort. We proudly offer a top competitor in custom orthotics. In fact, Dr. Miro is New York City’s only ALINE certified orthotics specialist. He recommends custom-fit insoles for improving natural alignment and reducing wear and tear on the body. When used alongside physical therapy or chiropractic treatment, ALINE orthotic insoles are proven to reduce pain, support recover and optimize sports performance.

To learn more about ALINE Custom Orthotics or to determine if your back pain could be reduced with simple foot insoles, call Manhattan Sports Therapy today.

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