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Pam L.

Having performed surgery for decades my neck And back have been damaged. I can honestly say that Rachel has kept me functioning at a high level. Nobody else was. Despite being a surgical candidate which is refused to have she managed to overcome all of my problems. The office is also immaculately clean ( I am a germaphobe). Chiro in the past was hit or miss. Sometimes it helped and sometimes it actually made things worse. This has never happened with Rachel. I always feel better. Guaranteed. She will bend over backwards to accommodate my schedule. She is a rising star.

Will A.

The entire staff is very helpful, kind, and extremely efficient. If it wasn't for Dr. Rolland Miro I strongly feel the bursitis in my shoulder would still be in major pain. If you have shoulder pain, rotator cuff issues, or bursitis don't hesitate, RUN to see this man! I came to Manhattan Sports Therapy skeptical because I had already visited two other physical therapist who were not getting me better. I had pain for 9 months until visiting MST. Miro was patient with my healing process and was always transparent when telling me what stages I was in my recovery. Now I am fully recovered back to pumping iron and putting on a backpack without pain. Thank you to everyone in that office for making my experience great from start to finish.

Natalie V.

I was having severe inner hip and lower back pain for months. Every step I took was painful. I couldn't run, bike, swim or even attempt a workout. I started seeing a PT twice a week for a month and nothing happened, in fact, my pain increased. So, I decided to try another Physician and I found Manhattan Sports Therapy and Dr. Rolland Miro. After my first appointment, I knew I made the right choice. I started seeing Dr. Rolland twice a week. After my first week, I could already feel a HUGE difference. After week three, the pain in my hip was completely gone. It's now been two months and as I continue my treatment, I'm feeling better and better. I ran five miles for the first time in over a year last week! I highly highly recommend Dr. Rolland. He's the best at what he does and he's very knowledgable when it comes to health and fitness all around.

Rick B.

I had been dealing with on and off lower back pain for years. Usually after a few visits to a chiropractor I was back in the gym. However, last October I tweaked my back again and I knew that this time was different. I saw several chiropractors as well as getting cupping and acupuncture, nothing gave me relief. I finally thought my years of being a weekend warrior and an avid Crossfitter had caught up with me. An MRI showed a bulging L5/S1 disk and I would need PT. I had come to terms with never picking up a barbell again and just try to stay in shape. I scheduled my PT with Dr. Miro based on the many positive reviews and the services he offered and I couldn't be happier that I did. He quickly determined that my history of lower back pain was not due to the bulging disk, rather is was due to some muscle imbalances and weakness. He also believed that he could get me back in the gym and working out again which I was thrilled to hear. After 6 weeks of spinal decompression and his PT exercises I am feeling like myself again! I was even able to back squat pain free this week which was something I hadn't done in 9 months. I can't say enough positive things about Dr. Miro and his approach. If you have any nagging injuries I highly suggest you check out Manhattan Sports Therapy.

Lisa P.

I was visiting NYC from out of town and made an appointment for hip-to-knee pain that had been keeping me off workouts for months. Dr Rolland was the 3rd practitioner I'd been to. I gave him the scoop on my condition and made it clear I'd only be in this one time. He made his assessment, even showed me a website that had more info for me, then he made some corrective adjustments. He sent me on my way with a list of corrective exercises and the name of a reputable pracitioner in my hometown, (near Portland, OR). It's been a week of doing the exercises and I no longer feel the discomfort and rotation that was keeping me imbalanced with a weak side. I went to my first crossfit wod in months and rocked it. I have an appointment later this week with the local practitioner in order to keep me from going off the rails. Fingers crossed she's as good as Dr.Rolland. He was exactly what I needed.

Daniel K.

Dr. Rolland Miro is a world-class physician who has helped bring healing and restoration to my body. I highly recommend his practice, a high-touch model where he performs the treatments himself, far superior to the others that feel like an industrial chop-shop in comparison. He is a knowledgeable and highly-experienced professional, who is passionate about health, and is focused on the well-being of his patients. One-by-one, he has addressed my back and shoulder pain, my nutritional deficiencies and continues to help me understand how to live a healthier lifestyle. Jhnealle Mcintosh also contributes to a high level of professionalism and helps to make my visits seamless.

Daniel B.

I've never written a review before but after being treated at Manhattan Sports Therapy, for the last couple of months, particularly by Dr. Miro, I felt compelled to do so. Being an avid fitness buff, I found myself with chronic shoulder pain in addition to lower back pain. Dr. Miro treated me with his skillful chiropractic modalities as well as instructing me on proper biomechanics. He also assigned specific exercises and stretches that expedited my healing. I am incredibly grateful for his work. I highly recommend his services to anyone who has chronic or acute pain and wants to maintain a high level of fitness.

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