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A Clinic Specially Geared To Performance Athletes & Everyday Active Enthusiasts

The path to fitness, health, and well-being can be different for everyone. From world-class Olympians to everyday athletes, everyone has a different journey that can be exciting and fulfilling, yet hours of physical exertion and training can be very rigorous and physically demanding. Whether you are participating in your local gym’s boot camp classes, your neighborhood’s weekend marathon race, or your team’s championship game, having optimal health is essential to performing well and staying mobile.

If you have found yourself on the sidelines due to a sports-related injury or pain, speak with us today. We would love to assess your current condition and determine how we can help you get back on the field in no time. Call us and request a one-on-one consultation with our Board Certified therapist.

Say goodbye to sports-related pain. Schedule your appointment today!

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What Makes Us The Right Choice
For Athletes Throughout New York?


We Stay On Top Of Newest
Research Techniques
And Therapies


Strategies To Help You
Return To Peak
Performance Fast


Holistic, Long-Lasting
Solutions To Sports-Related


Cutting-Edge Diagnostics,
Chiropractic Care, And
Injury Prevention


Care To Restore Mobility
And Long-Term Functional

Meet Our Team

Devoted to Helping Patients Achieve Pain-Free Active Lifestyles

Dr. Rolland Miro

Dr. Rolland Miro

As one of New York’s leading physical and sports therapists, Dr. Rolland Miro understands that injuries triggered by repetition, overuse, or other causes can have a serious impact on an elite athlete’s profession and performance, or even an everyday athlete’s overall health and functionality. Dr. Miro uses the latest and most cutting-edge hands-on therapies to help treat musculoskeletal injuries, alleviate chronic pain, or restore proper function and stability throughout the body.

Dr. Rachel Berenbaum

Dr. Rachel Berenbaum

Dr. Berenbaum of has been serving people in private practice since 2008. She received her undergraduate degree in pre-med from Long Island University Brooklyn, New York and went on to receive a Ph.D. and Master’s degree in nutrition (with honors) from the University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic.

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