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woman suffering from tech neck syndrome

The doctors at Manhattan Sports Therapy are trained spinal specialists based in New York City, who can diagnose the cause of your neck pain. They use the latest therapy techniques to resolve the problem. Below are common questions they get from prospective clients interested in Tech Neck Treatment.

What Is Tech Neck?

Tech neck derives from the excessive use of smartphones and computers. It happens when you slouch your head forward to look at your device.

What Causes Tech Neck?

Stress on the neck causes the condition. Hunched shoulders, chin down, and a neck curved-forward is the posture adopted by phone users. If you look around, you will see many people with their heads bent forward. Over time, this has a big impact.

What Are The Symptoms Of Tech Neck?

Headaches, trouble breathing, and tightened neck and shoulders all result from the weight of slouching over your phone. Together, these symptoms cause chronic pain, and sometimes even heart issues.

How Do You Relieve Tech Neck Pain?

Neck and shoulder stretches can open discs, unpinch nerves, let blood flow to strained muscles, and guide vertebra back into place. Follow these simple steps to improve or prevent Tech Neck:

  • Fix your posture. Push your head and shoulders back especially at a desk or while standing.
  • Side Neck Stretch. Tilt your head from left to right, and front to back.
  • Set up an ergonomic workstation. Keep your screen at eye level and sit in a chair with a headrest.
How Do You Treat Tech Neck?

The only way to correct Tech Neck is through constant good posture. While you can do this at home, it’s the most effective way to do this is through physical rehabilitation. At Manhattan Sports Therapy we start by correcting poor posture. We study how a patient sits, especially at a desk. From there, we therapeutically stretch, strengthen, and massage trigger points in the muscle to fix the problem. Patients are then expected to follow an at-home physical therapy program to improve muscle function and promote healing. This includes:

  • Icing and heating techniques
  • Remedies to help decrease inflammation via food or supplements
  • Pain meds

If pain persists, we can refer a patient to a pain specialist or orthopedist.

If you find yourself in pain while using the computer, it may be time to seek treatment. Make an appointment or call at (212) 310-0100 with our chiropractor in New York City at Manhattan Sports Therapy.

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