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The Value of Assessing Your Running Form New York, NY

The Value of Assessing Your Running Form

Athlete running on a race track.

Chances are, no one told you exactly how to run. You just started running as a toddler to get somewhere faster than walking. While we all have our own unique way of moving, if you now consider yourself a “runner,” you may need to take a closer look at your form. When it comes to… Read more

Should You Consider More Yoga?

Young couple doing yoga in a park.

Yoga is known for being a unique form of exercise that promotes serenity and mental health. Yoga is a combination of distinct stability exercises and poses. It does not involve high-impact movement. This is ideal for those who are recovering from an injury and still want to keep moving their body in a safe way.… Read more

The Link Between Lifestyle Habits and Bad Joints

Helthy Foods

Although you can damage your joint with an injury, “bad joints” are also a common consequence of your lifestyle. Years of engaging in bad habits can set you up for arthritic battles and joint replacement as an older adult. First, you need to educate yourself on which lifestyle habits are bad for your joints, and… Read more

FAQs About Hip Replacement

doctor's consultation appointment

If you or your loved one is facing hip replacement surgery, you probably have a number of questions. Learning the facts about your upcoming hip replacement can help you feel more comfortable in your decision and eliminate some anxiety about such a significant surgery. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding hip replacement. What Is… Read more

Preparing for Your ACL Surgery

Runner with Pain in Leg

Anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, knee injuries are painful and debilitating, and can be an unfortunate outcome of playing some of your favorite summer sports. They occur when the ACL ligament in the knee is over-stretched and tears, causing swelling and an inability to walk or continue your normal activities. Surgery is often required for… Read more

Headache Relief from a Sports Chiropractor

A woman with headache sitting at her office desk.

Are you constantly popping pills to get rid of your headaches? Chronic headaches can have a debilitating effect on your life. While oral medication can often provide temporary relief, there can be a more effective and longer-lasting solution when headaches are addressed at their source. For a surprising number of patients, this can involve spinal… Read more

Is Your Job Hurting Your Joints?

man with a shoulder injury during an appointment with a doctor

Do you have a job that requires you to make the same motions day after day, year after year? If so, you are at risk for arthritis. Since arthritis is a condition of the joints and it is the leading cause of joint replacement, it is vitally important that you never ignore its symptoms. Some… Read more

Signs of a Herniated Disc

A person suffering from a lower back pain due to disc herniation.

Discs are soft, rubbery pads found between the vertebrae in the spinal column. These discs allow the back to flex or bend, and they act as shock absorbers to protect the spinal column. As we age, our discs lose water content and become less flexible. The discs also begin to shrink, allowing the spaces between… Read more

Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

Shoulder Pain

According to some reports, shoulder pain in the United States affects as many as 67% of the population over the course of their lifetime. Through an intricate framework of muscles, tendons and ligaments, the shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body. Yet, some believe that this comes at the expense of stability. In… Read more

Best Sports To Protect Your Knees

Knee Pain

Do you have “bad knees”? Whether you are battling arthritis after years of playing competitive sports or you simply want to protect your recent knee-replacement, it can be difficult to find ways to stay active. However, there are certain sports that can satisfy your competitive edge and keep you fit, even if you have bad… Read more

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