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Shoulder Impingement Syndrome New York, NY

Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

Shoulder Pain

According to some reports, shoulder pain in the United States affects as many as 67% of the population over the course of their lifetime. Through an intricate framework of muscles, tendons and ligaments, the shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body. Yet, some believe that this comes at the expense of stability. In… Read more

Best Sports To Protect Your Knees

Knee Pain

Do you have “bad knees”? Whether you are battling arthritis after years of playing competitive sports or you simply want to protect your recent knee-replacement, it can be difficult to find ways to stay active. However, there are certain sports that can satisfy your competitive edge and keep you fit, even if you have bad… Read more

The Valued Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

young woman stretching at the gym

When it comes to exercise, you are probably aware of its benefits towards your physique. However, you should also know that moving your body improves more than the weight and strength of your body. In fact, exercise delivers some profound advantages towards your mind. If stronger muscles and a leaner waist doesn’t motivate you to… Read more

5 Ways to Prevent Shoulder Injury

Shoulder Pain

Did you know that your shoulder is composed of 5 joints, over 30 muscles and 6 major ligaments? The shoulder can assume as many as 1,600 different positions! With such complex movement, it is easy to understand why shoulders are prone to injury. Chronic injury and severe damage to the ball and socket joint can… Read more

Could Custom Orthotics Help Prevent Your Back Pain?

Doctors Discussing Diagnosis

Low back pain is all too common in our current culture. In fact, according to Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute, nearly 65 million Americans report a recent episode of back pain and nearly 8% of all adults experience persistent or chronic back pain. While there are many different causes of back pain, few people consider… Read more

The Importance of Fall Prevention After Surgery

Physical Therapy

Are you scheduled for an upcoming surgery? Have you thought about the steps you may need to take to prepare your home for your recovery? One of the most important considerations you’ll need to make is how you can safeguard yourself against a bad fall. Far too many urgent care or emergency room visits occur… Read more

How You Can Avoid or Delay Hip Replacement

Hip Pain

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, more than 285,000 total hip replacements are performed each year in the United States. Are you experiencing hip pain or loss of mobility, yet want to avoid being a part of this statistic? Although a total hip replacement may be inevitable for some, there are things… Read more

Sports Medicine for Your Jaw Joint

Man Suffering From Neck Pain

Your jaw joint, or temporomandibular joint (TMJ), is the most complex joint in your body. It connects your jaw to your skull and allows your mouth to open and close. Without the hinging, sliding and rotating of your jaw joint, you couldn’t chew, speak or yawn. Not only is this joint highly complex, but it… Read more

Foods That Fight Osteoarthritis

an apple and pieces of an apple

Arthritis is one of the most common chronic medical conditions in the United States. It refers to inflammation of the joints. While there are several types of arthritis, osteoarthritis is the most prevalent. Osteoarthritis typically affects aging adults as well as athletes. Unfortunately, arthritis can produce symptoms that limit the ability to move without pain… Read more

Good and Bad Habits For Your Joints

Joint Pain Inflammation

Although you can damage your joint with an injury, “bad joints” are most often a result of your lifestyle. Years of engaging in bad habits can set you up for arthritic battles and joint replacement as an older adult. First, you need to educate yourself on which lifestyle habits are bad for your joints, and… Read more

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