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Is Your “Screen Time” Straining Your Body? New York, NY

Is Your “Screen Time” Straining Your Body?

Back and Neck Pain New York, NY

It isn’t difficult to see the obvious strain that our smart phones are placing on our spine. One glance around a public space will reveal numerous slumped shoulders and bended necks of people who are fixated on their cell phones, tablets or laptops. The statistics of how many minutes and hours a day that people… Read more

The Importance of Nutrition in Sports Recovery

two apples, one sliced

When it comes to exercising, it is common to focus on the foods that will fuel our bodies before the workout. While this is certainly true, it is important to also consider the role that nutrition plays in sports recovery. Whether you are a professional athlete or weekend warrior, what you eat and drink after… Read more

Is Poor Posture the Reason for Your Pain?

Back Pain New York NY

How many times did your mother tell you to “stop slouching” when you were growing up? While sitting up straight may be a sign of a well-mannered kid, good posture is also important towards your overall health. In fact, bad posture like slouching is a leading reason for chronic back pain in many adults. The… Read more


a person with wrist pain working on their laptop

Like tennis elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is usually the result of demanding, repetitive movement. Hand pain and wrist pain are very often caused by work or leisure activities. Such as activities that need duplicated fine motor movements (typing, hammering, sewing, or painting). Impingement of the median nerve is what causes the pain and numbness… Read more

Common Questions Asked About Mouse Shoulder

man working on his computer

While computers are great for completing more (if not all) daily activities, they, unfortunately, can lead to some health issues. One of those being, Mouse Shoulder. And no, that doesn’t mean you have Disney’s Mickey on your shoulder. You may be wondering, how do I know if I have it? Below are some common questions… Read more

Rehabilitation After Tommy John Surgery

baseball players during a game

One of the most common injuries we see in baseball is a torn ulnar collateral ligament (UCL). This occurs when a pitcher throws the ball, then grabs his elbow. In most cases, these players choose to have Tommy John surgery to reconstruct the UCL. WHAT IS TOMMY JOHN SURGERY? ORIGIN Tommy John Surgery is named… Read more

Chiropractic vs Physical Therapy: Clearing Up the Confusion

Sporty Young Woman Carrying a Yoga Mat Under Her Arm

When choosing between Chiropractic or Physical Therapy, it can be hard to tell which is best for you. Many of their treatments and approaches overlap, but when applied in the right situations, they are one and the same. Historically, chiropractors are known for their hands-on approach to loosen and limber the body, while physical therapists… Read more

A Quick & Dirty Guide on Sciatica

Man with sciatica nerve pain

Most people think Sciatica is a medical condition, when it’s actually a term used to describe a feeling. What causes the sciatic pain or numbness could come from many different places in the body. To clear it all up for you, here are some key points you should know about Sciatica. DEFINITION Sciatica (pronounced sai-a-tuh-kuh)… Read more

Muscle & Fitness Magazine Asks Dr. Rolland about High Ankle Sprain Injury

American Football Players on the pitch

Just 1 month after an ankle sprain, NY Giants player Saquon Barkley (#26) returns to the playing field. Micheal Berg from Muscle & Fitness questions Dr. Rolland Nemirovsky on the details of Barkley’s ankle injury and remarkable recovery time. A high ankle sprain, Dr. Rolland says, is caused by a twist or tear in the… Read more

4 Exercises to Avoid If You Have Sciatica Nerve Pain

young woman stretching at the gym

Sciatica describes a back pain that worsens when sitting or lying down. If you suffer from those symptoms, avoid these exercises to prevent further injury. 1. Excessive Hamstring Stretching When suffering from sciatica pain, the hamstring muscles, in particular, are very sensitive. When stretching your hamstring muscles, you’re also stretching your sciatica nerve. Excessive movement… Read more

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