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What is Frozen Shoulder? New York, NY

If you suffer from the type of shoulder pain referred to as “frozen shoulder;” you know that it can disrupt your entire life. Putting on clothes, brushing your teeth and hair, opening doors, driving a vehicle, lifting a small child – all of these (plus hundreds of other activities) require the mobility and function of your shoulder.

When you have shoulder pain you tend to stop using the joint normally in order to limit the amount of pain that you feel. However, frozen shoulder can develop when you stop using the joint. Any should problem can lead to frozen shoulder if you do not work to keep it in motion.

At Manhattan Sports Therapy, our specialists can work together to help patients who have shoulder pain and frozen shoulder. The worst thing that you can do is to ignore your pain and symptoms.

Causes of Shoulder Pain

When a shoulder becomes stiff and painful with a reduced range of motion it is often diagnosed as a Frozen Shoulder. It is thought to be scar-like tissue forming in the shoulder causing the restriction and painful movement. Symptoms often interfere with normal daily activities such as driving, dressing, lying on that side, picking up things, exercising and many other tasks. Without treatment, it can take up to 2-3 years to resolve. The sooner you begin treatment the faster you can resolve the problem.

Effective Treatment of Frozen Shoulder

There is more than one way to treat frozen shoulder. While conventional treatment typically begins with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, it is important to find the root cause of your shoulder discomfort rather than masking the issue by only treating the symptoms. A “band-aid” approach never deals with the root of the issue, often leading to greater tissue and joint damage. The body is one giant, complicated system that works together. Therefore, treating frozen shoulder may require an evaluation of the whole being, which can often include your everyday posture, habits and mechanics.

For lasting relief from your frozen shoulder symptoms, contact Manhattan Sports Therapy. We offer a range of therapies to address immediate pain relief as well as lasting restoration of your joint mobility.

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