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Should You Consider More Yoga? New York, NY
Young couple doing yoga in a park.

Yoga is known for being a unique form of exercise that promotes serenity and mental health. Yoga is a combination of distinct stability exercises and poses. It does not involve high-impact movement. This is ideal for those who are recovering from an injury and still want to keep moving their body in a safe way. It is also great for aging adults who can no longer handle more intense or high-impact exercise. In fact, did you know that yoga can not only protect your joints from injury, but also help prevent joint deterioration as well.

Yoga can mean better joint health because it can promote more fluid between your joints. Synovial fluid, along with your cartilage, is what allows your bones to move smoothly and painlessly. It is a slippery liquid that delivers nutrients and oxygen to the hyaline cartilage found in the knees, hips and elbows. Various yoga poses allow this fluid to flow more easily to your joints, which makes you move around easier.

Yoga can also effectively strengthen the muscles around your joints, which is vital for patients who are at risk for osteoarthritis. Improving the muscles surrounding your knees, elbows, shoulders or hips, can take the pressure off of your joint systems and extend the longevity of your joints. Yoga involves a series of isometric poses that specifically strengthen the smaller muscles surrounding the joints as you try to stabilize or balance the body.

Lastly, yoga can promote weight loss. Shedding extra pounds is one of the best ways you can alleviate unnecessary pressure on your joints and avoid a future joint replacement. Yoga is a low-impact exercise that can help you achieve your ideal weight. There are many different forms of yoga, so choose one that is best for you!

Ken Stanfield, blog writer for GiamTV, comments on yoga and joint health by saying, “No other form of exercise can isolate and concentrate on the muscles surrounding joints like yoga can while promoting healthy flow of blood and synovial fluid throughout the body. Even if joint problems are already getting the better of you, there are still many poses that can be done on the floor that allow you to increase fluidity and loosen up the joints.”

At Manhattan Sports Therapy, we are committed to helping patients avoid joint problems and joint replacement surgery if at all possible. We also recognize the value of daily body movement and physical activity, whether it is a long run or brief yoga session. Our team will partner with you to find safe and beneficial exercises for your specific stage of life.

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