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Chiropractic Solutions for Constant Migraines in NYC

Migraines and headache pain plague nearly all adults from time to time, though patients who suffer from chronic daily headaches and persistent migraines experience more debilitating and disruptive pain symptoms. Whether from tension headaches, migraines, or cluster headaches, head pain can prevent us from functioning successfully and happily in our professional and social lives.

As a leading spine specialist, Dr. Miro aids thousands of New Yorkers seeking headache and migraine relief. His board certification in athletic and manual rehabilitative techniques allows him to expertly integrate sports medicine, physical therapy, and chiropractic principals into successful and immediate headache treatment.

What Causes Migraines & Headache Pain?

Tension headaches and migraines are among the most common types of headache pain, Cluster headaches are similar in nature, though appear on and off in groups for a period of weeks or months.

Headaches can be caused by a variety of environmental factors, including stress, noise, lack of sleep, and blood sugar fluctuations. Systemically, headaches or migraines occur when a combination of vascular and nerve changes release chemicals triggering inflammation and pain.

Headache Relief & Migraine Treatment in NYC

While many physical changes occur during a headache or a migraine, often the origin of headache pain is tension in the neck, shoulders, and upper back. Headaches are among the most medicated conditions, though the pain relief provided by over-the-counter or prescription medication is temporary and does little to address the root of headache pain.

At Manhattan Sports Therapy, Dr. Miro specializes in identifying your specific headache triggers and isolating the exact soft tissues involved in your pain symptoms. Using conservative but effective care, he alleviates tissue tension in your spine, reduces irritation, and facilitates tissue healing. This solves the problem of chronic headaches long-term rather than simply addressing your pain symptoms.

Through the expert application of the Active Release Technique®, Dr. Miro delivers hands-on relief that is both therapeutic and corrective. Slow, directed movements address soft tissue restrictions to reduce inflammation and increase mobility. Similarly, the Graston Technique® and Cold Laser Light Therapy can be used to trigger tissue repair, improve circulation, and relieve pain.

The spine modifications and corrections he makes eliminate referred pain from the spine, neck, and shoulders and improve vascular flow, significantly minimizing future headache and migraine episodes.

Preventing Headaches and Migraines

  • Take frequent breaks from the computer for stretching
  • Drink plenty of water, eat balanced meals, and get plenty of sleep
  • Practice tension-reducing techniques to relax the muscles of the jaw, neck, and shoulders
  • Use Pilates, meditation, and other light cardio exercises to relieve stress
  • Practice good posture and avoid slouching

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