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Hip Pain Chiropractic Treatment New York, NY
hip pain

Chiropractic care is the premier solution for people who are suffering from hip pain. Hip pain can be debilitating and can force people to needlessly struggle through life. There are women who are new grandmothers in their 40s or 50s who can’t even enjoy spending time watching the kids because it hurts to chase after them and clean up some toys. They are not able to enjoy gardening and feel like prisoners in their own homes. Shopping used to be fun before the hip pain started.

Causes of Hip Pain

Hip pain generally occurs as a result of an injury, disease, or overuse of your joints that eventually wears the cartilage down. This is followed by lots of pain and chronic inflammation that swells up these joints and makes it hard to move. Hips are one of the most common areas for people to suffer joint pain. They may also experience pain in their knees and shoulders. People call on chiropractors to pinpoint the root source of the pain and inflammation, to alleviate it, and rehabilitate the patient.

There is generally a split between whether patients will go to a chiropractor for joint-related pain or a physical therapist. A chiropractor is more focused on getting patients off medications and feeling healthy again. A physical therapist may be more likely to try things in combination and promise limited results. Chiropractors are more focused specifically on these types of injuries and may be able to do a more effective job. They have more treatments available as discussed in greater detail further below.

Making a Proper Diagnosis

The hip plays a critical role in supporting the overall stability, strength, athleticism, and flexibility of your entire body. Since everything pivots on your hip, you won’t be able to lift things, exercise, or even walk if your hips are suffering from pain and inflammation.

In some cases, this trauma is caused by the deterioration of the joint due to Osteoporosis. This disease leeches Calcium out of the bones and makes them fragile. The normal wear and tear of any activity can destroy delicate bone and cartilage structures over time. And as people become frailer, it can be hard to replace the Calcium that was lost and regenerate the bone tissue. A lot of the effects are hormonal or may come as a result of medications such as Prednisone.

Interconnected nerve bundles are also a huge problem in the world of hip pain. You may have back pain at the root of your hip pain. Because the nerve fibers are so closely connected, the lower back pain will shoot signals down into the hip region. This can occur when you have herniated discs that are deteriorating, spinal stenosis, and even when your spinal column has subluxations that are interfering with proper posture and alignment. Hip pain can be excruciating when it is combined with back pain because, not only is it hard to walk, but it can also be painful to sit.

Another form of hip pain emanates from the bursa sac that lies between the hip bone and the pelvic socket. These fluid-filled sacs help to cushion and remove the tension of bone-on-bone contact that causes pain. When the bursa sacs become inflamed, this is called Bursitis. Having this condition makes you scratch your head and wonder why the inflammation won’t heal on its own, and why you continue to feel pain for weeks.

Chiropractic Treatments

After a specific diagnosis is made to address the source of the pain, your chiropractor can get to work on the proper therapy. Finding the right hip pain therapy is essential to abating the symptoms and regaining your mobility. Let’s explore the range of modern treatments available only at a qualified chiropractor’s office below.

Active Release Technique® (ART)

The Active Release Technique® (ART) is the method for treating soft muscle tissues that coordinate the hip movements when blood flow becomes restricted over time or specific muscles become weakened. This occurs because the hip has such a wide range of motion and carries such a heavy burden of supporting the entire body. The hip is moved and held into place by a complex muscular architecture. The muscular imbalances that occur can lead to soft tissue damage and scarring. If left to progress, they will induce that chronic hip pain that never seems to heal.

The goal of ART is to break down the restrictions on blood flow that are stopping the body from healing. At the same time, using physical manipulation and exercises, the normal strength and flexibility of the joint can be returned back to normal. The first step in this process is to assess the presence of scar tissue in the muscles when they are being lengthened and stretched. By releasing the tension on specific tissues, the scarring can be softened and broken down to restore a normal balance and function to the muscular architecture. Improvements to the condition can be had in as few as 4 to 6 treatment sessions.

Cold-Laser Light Therapy

Cold-laser light therapy is a non-invasive and painless procedure that has been approved by the FDA. This harmless and effective procedure uses different wavelengths of a laser beam that does not produce any heat energy to heal inflammation in the body. At wavelengths of 750 to 980, deep tissue penetration can be effectuated. The laser waves pass into the tissue and stimulate the regeneration of damaged tissues. This technique is typically used in sports medicine and even by dentists to heal ulcers and reduce oral inflammations.

Graston Technique

This is another technique that is like ART but uses special instruments to break up scar tissue attached to the fascia. These fascia adhesions are caused by trauma. The fasciae are plastic-like tissues that envelop muscular fibers that can seize up and become damaged from the trauma of overuse or muscular imbalances. By passing these special instruments over the affected areas rather than manipulating them with your hands using ART, it is believed that the manipulations and effects can be more effective in promoting healing. In basic principle, as these fasciae are thinned out, the mobility of the muscles is returned to normal.

Kinesiology Taping

This special type of tape increases your range of mobility by lifting up on the skin, fasciae, and muscle fibers for better lymphatic drainage and improved release of inflammation byproducts. It helps to distribute the pressure through other flesh and thereby creates a lifting effect when you are in motion. Using regular tape to tape up an injury can restrict motion and cause the pain and compression to become worse. The special kinesiology taping works in the opposite manner to alleviate pressure and pain.

Physical Therapy

We do targeted exercises to help stabilize & strengthen the joint, in addition to hands on work – which when combined with the multiple modalities, yields an effective result.


The fasciae adhesions that occur in your soft muscle tissue are a scientifically verifiable root cause underlying a lot of hip pain. Although there are other causes that may be treated by other methods, it is in your best interests to determine if the pain is due to scarring and tightening (or thickening) of the fasciae membrane surrounding your soft muscle tissues in the hip region or something else.

No matter what it may be, a chiropractor is best suited to get to the root of the problem and manipulate your hip, spine and muscles back into their normal condition. These are just a few of the therapies available that can save you the crippling effects that you think are just a part of aging or bad luck.

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