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Kinesiology Tape


Since gaining worldwide visibility at the 2012 Summer Olympics, athletes and fitness enthusiasts around the world have wondered what benefits those brightly colored strips of fabric stretched across Olympians’ shoulders, knees, calves, etc. could possibly provide. Kinesiology tape (or “kinesio tape,” as it has come to be known), can benefit athletes of all levels who are recovering from or actively trying to avoid injuries. No matter your sport or the intensity of your workout regimen, you may benefit from getting some of those stretchy neon strips for yourself.

Kinesiology Tape May Improve Proprioception

Amplified proprioception is one of the main benefits of kinesiology tape cited by athletes. Proprioception, generally defined as being an overall sense of self, is essentially one’s spatial awareness of the relative position of one’s own body parts. The body has multiple proprioceptors that send information to your brain about the position, angle, motion, muscle tension, and overall movement of different parts of your body. It is thought by some that by taping a certain joint, muscle, etc., kinesiology taping can send additional information to the brain about the positioning and movement of that specific body part, which could potentially help athletes correct faulty motion and avoid injury.

Kinesiology Tape May Help Injuries Heal More Quickly

Many athletes use kinesiology tape as a means of facilitating the body’s natural mechanisms for healing in order to reduce and maximize recovery time. This is thought to occur because of convolutions, which are created when tape is stretched, applied to the skin while maintaining tension, and forms what appear on the surface to be just wrinkles. These skin convolutions increase blood flow and important lymph fluids to the affected area, which is thought to be helpful in reducing recovery time, curtailing muscle spasms, reducing harmful inflammation after injury, and relieving pain by minimizing pressure placed on the subdermal pain receptors around the site of the injury.

How Do I Know if Kinesiology Tape Is Right for Me?

If you have been injured or are worried about becoming injured, kinesiology tape may provide a great solution. At Manhattan Sports Therapy, we have helped many people like you explore creative solutions to their injuries and overcome their limitations. Whether it be kinesiology tape or any other method, our New York sports therapy team is here to serve you and help you get back to doing what you love as soon as possible.

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