4 Exercises to Avoid If You Have Sciatica Nerve Pain

4 Exercises to Avoid if You Have Sciatica Pain 

Sciatica describes a back pain that worsens when sitting or lying down. If you suffer from those symptoms, avoid these exercises to prevent further injury.

1. Excessive Hamstring Stretching 

When suffering from sciatica pain, the hamstring muscles, in particular, are very sensitive. When stretching your hamstring muscles, you’re also stretching your sciatica nerve. Excessive movement or pressure on your lower back can lead to more pain and delay your recovery time.


2. Full Body Squats 

This is the most dangerous exercise to do if you have sciatica pain. If you use barbells when squatting, avoid this exercise altogether. The weight of barbells resting on your shoulders compresses your lower back and could cause another disc to herniate.


3. Leg Lifts 

Any movement or exercise that makes you keep your legs straight will put pressure on the spinal cord. With a condition like sciatica, you want to relieve pressure from the lower back. Leg lifts can further complicate sciatica pain–avoid them. 


4. Bent Over Rowing 

The form and posture for rowing exercises are foreign to your spine’s natural shape. Rowing can disrupt the spines structure and lead to inflammation on your sciatic nerve.


Sciatica pain causes constant discomfort and can impact the quality of your daily life.
It’s important you seek medical attention at the early signs of nerve pain to avoid further injury.
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treatment to rid you of your pain. 

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