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Answering Your Questions about Active Release Technique

Dr. Rolland Nemirovsky and Dr. Rachel Berenbaumare trained and certified Active Release Technique practitioners based in New York City. With over 20 years of experience combined, Dr. Rolland and Dr. Rachel have treated tens of thousands of patients with various conditions and injuries. Below are the most asked questions they get from patients interested in Active Release Technique treatment.

What is Active Release Technique® (ART)?

Active Release Technique or (ART) is a massage technique that treats pain. Also, restriction of movement or adhesion within the soft tissue of the injured area. This method of treatment reduces pain symptoms. It also corrects injuries while improving range of motion, strength, and stability.
Athletic or not, muscle injuries result from overuse or trauma. Injuries manifest themselves as small tears or a pull in the muscle. While a chronic injury may result in several tears that occur over a while. As a result, the muscle tissue (soft tissue) begins to repair itself with scar tissue, better known as a knot. Over time, the muscle tightens, resulting in cramps, restricted mobility, and pain.

How do I know if I have scar tissue/adhesions and need ART therapy?

Muscle injuries include; soreness, stiffness, restriction in range of motion, bruising, and weakness. In some cases, damaged tissue can show no symptoms which can lead to serious injuries. If an athlete is putting continuous pressure on a specific muscle or tissue that is already at risk. While scar tissue is a normal part of recovery. Proper therapeutic post-care prevents permanent damage, joint dysfunction, and pain.

How does Active Release Technique® (ART) therapy work? 

ART-trained therapists like Dr. Nemirovsky feel and press the affected muscle. Looking for areas that are tight or don’t move without tenderness or pain. Once found, they test its tightness, tenderness, and temperature before massaging and manipulating. occur This method increases blood flow, reduces tension, and promotes faster healing.

Is ART painful?

Everyone has a different physical reaction to ART. Depending on their pain tolerance and the state of their injured muscles. Procedures don’t usually cause pain. Though discomfort may occur due to the manipulation of already sore tissue. After therapy, you’ll feel soreness that will dissipate within a few days.

How long does it take for ART to heal a muscle?

Treatment visits vary by degree and duration of the injury. Usually between one to six visits, depending on the severity of your injury you will feel relief.

What happens after ART therapy recovery?

We provide specifically tailored rehab/PT protocols based on individual needs and goals. Not all exercises and protocols are created equal. We use evidence-based methods designed to gain optimal recovery, eliminate pain, and restore proper biomedical function. This allows patients to learn how the body works, how it responds, and the importance of maintaining proper function. These methods are designed to be efficient, effective and easy to learn and do at home. We prescribe home exercises in almost every case as long as the movements don’t reproduce symptoms. As pain is reduced and function improves, we progress patients to the next level. Most patients report that their home exercises have become part of their routine, as they help keep the body stable and improve their performance in day-to-day activities and athletically. When the muscle is completely healed. Patients experience very positive results, returning to pain-free mobility and activity.

What’s the difference between traditional massage as opposed to an ART- trained physical therapist? 

ART is different from traditional massage techniques through the massage method. A massage therapist reduces stress and relieves tension throughout the body. An ART- trained therapist works with injured patients, feeling for damaged tissue. Then addressing it on the spot. At the point of injury. This results in a speedier recovery and restoration of the damaged muscle or joints.

What types of muscle and joint injuries does ART help with? 

Applicable to any joint or muscle in the body. The beauty of this treatment is the rigorous course work required to get certified and it covers everything from head to toe. Active Release Therapy helps with muscle and joint injuries including:
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)
  • Chronic Pain
  • Shin Splints
Manhattan Sports Therapy is a state-of-the-art facility located in New York City. Our clients range from professional athletes to everyday New Yorkers.
We are proud to offer the latest techniques and treatments for the benefit of our valued patients. If you want to learn more about the active release technique in NYC, please call to schedule an appointment or contact us online.
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What Can I Expect from Active Release Technique® Therapy?

Here’s what patients can expect from ART therapy:

  • Treatment frequency – Varies by degree and duration of injury
  • During treatment – Procedures don’t cause pain, though discomfort may be caused due to manipulation of sore tissue
  • Results – Improvement felt within between one to six visits, depending on injury severity
  • Recovery – Patients experience very positive results with a return to pain-free mobility and activity

Active Release Therapy in New York City – Call for an Appointment

Manhattan Sports Therapy is a state of the art facility located in New York City. Our clients range from professional athletes to everyday New Yorkers. We are proud to offer the latest techniques and treatments for the benefit of our valued patients. If you are interested in learning more about the active release technique in NYC, please call to schedule an appointment or contact us online.

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