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As a Manhattan sports medicine specialist, Dr. Miro emphasizes the importance of sports nutrition and nutrition counseling in partnership with his hands-on rehabilitation therapies. His expertise in sports performance marries optimal nutrition with physical activity to enhance athletic performance and physical recovery from sports injuries.

At Manhattan Sports Therapy, we provide nutrition counseling, including an analysis of your body composition, current diet, and activity level. Your overall nutrition assessment will help us plan and recommend a nutrition strategy with the most appropriate mix of fluids and foods in relation to your physical activities. We will also help you better understand the importance of timing your nutrition and hydration intake in relation to your physical activity, which can help you improve overall performance. When appropriate, particularly for high performing athletes, supplements or nutritional ergogenic aids will be recommended.

The proper intake of protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, iron, and other necessary minerals is critical to:

  • Trimming fat and tone
  • Maintaining ideal weight and muscle mass
  • Building and repairing tissue when recovering from injury or strain
  • Replenishing glycogen stores for energy
  • Enhancing performance and reach physical goals faster

Proven Treatments, Happy Patients

I found Dr. Rolland Miro through a web search, and it turned out to be the best decision I’d ever made. It took less than a month of treatment before my headaches stopped and my running shoes were back on. By the end of 4 months, my symptoms were completely gone – I NEVER thought that would happen! Dr. Rolland knew exactly what he was doing and helped me more than I ever thought possible.

Tina, Former Patient

While Dr. Miro approaches nutrition counseling from a “food first” perspective, he believes the benefits of sports nutrition supplements can go a long way in managing the constant demands that athletes place on their bodies. He is well-versed in vitamin and mineral supplements and sports beverages, and will recommend choices that are safest and geared toward your performance needs. Our holistic approach can help ensure that your recoveries are effective, your injuries are minimal, and your performance is at its peak through every training season and cycle.

Fueling your muscles and preventing dehydration will maximize your performance during physical exertion and speed your recovery time post-injury. Contact our sports therapist in New York to discuss your nutrition plan.

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