Answering Your Questions about Hip Pain

The doctors at Manhattan Sports Therapy are leading NYC spinal specialists in hip injury and pain. They work with patients to evaluate pain triggers and discover exact hip pain causes. Below are common questions they get from prospective clients interested in Hip Pain Treatment

What Causes Hip Pain? 

Hip pain has many causes, usually from injury, mechanical problems, or arthritis. General wear and tear on the hip joint and muscle account for most hip problems. A hip injury is the most common cause of hip pain, especially in athletes. Repetitive strain can lead to muscle stiffness or more severe cases like Arthritis. Sometimes, pain from the lower back like herniated discs and sciatica can radiate to the hip. 


How Do You RelieveHip Pain? 

If you suffer from hip pain, here are several home remedies to ease the discomfort:  

  • Take over-the-counter, anti-inflammatory, or pain medication like Tylenol and ibuprofen.
  • Apply hot and/or cold compress to the sore area for 15 to 20 minutes every few hours.
  • Rest and non-weight bearing exercise (like swimming) are important for reducing pain and keeping muscles strong. 
  • Adjust your sleeping position until you find the most pain-reducing position. This could include placing a pillow between your legs or under your knees. 
  • Improve your posture by maintaining a 90-degree elbow angle when using the computer


What Are The Symptoms Of Hip Pain? 

Symptoms vary from mild to chronic depending on the condition for your hip pain. You may experience discomfort in your thighs, hip joint, or groin along with swelling and tenderness. Common symptoms include a limited range of motion at the hip and difficulty sleeping. Pain can worsen during physical activity and be a cause of disability.


When Should I See A Doctor For Hip Pain?

Seek a medical professional as soon as possible if:

  • Your pain doesn’t go away even with rest and over-the-counter pain pills.
  • Your pain affects your daily life like getting dressed, sleeping, or walking.
  • A fall or injury caused hip pain.
  • The pain is severe to the point you can’t move your legs or put weight on your hips 


What’s The Best Treatment For Hip Pain? 

Treatment will depend on what caused your hip pain. Physical therapists and rehabilitation physicians restore hip alignment with different techniques. More serious injuries like fractures or arthritis may need injections or surgery.

Dr. Nemirovsky uses the latest hip pain treatment in the field and will determine which treatment or combination of treatments are right for your condition:


How Long Does Hip Pain Last? 

Hip pain can be short-term or long-lasting. Mild strains usually resolve within 2-3 weeks, while more serious cases may take as long as 3-4 months. 


Can You Prevent Hip Pain?

Not all hip problems are preventable, but the following suggestions can help prevent injury:

  • Stretch and warm-up before exercise (moderate or strenuous).
  • Stay active and take frequent “movement” breaks when sitting for long periods of time.
  • Maintain a healthy weight to reduce strain on hip joints and muscles.


Top 13 Common Types Of Hip Pain And Injury:  


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