• Consider Spinal Manipulation as a Treatment for Back Pain

    New research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reveals evidence of the positive effects of spinal manipulation as a treatment for back pain. The single leading cause of disability worldwide, back pain has long since been treated in a variety of ways, including pain medication, surgery, and injections. Chiropractic care has long since been debated as an effective ...
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  • A Spine Surgeon’s Opinion on Chiropractors

    In an interview late last year, the co-director of the New York University Spine Center, Dr. Anthony Frempong-Boadu, gave an interview about spine health. During the interview, he indicated any well-trained professional could contribute to the overall health of the spine. According to Dr. Frempong-Boadu, as a spinal surgeon, very few people need his services. He is in a highly specialized field, ...
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  • What Bad Habits Does Your Sports Chiropractor Wish You’d Break?

    We all have a few bad behaviors we wish we’d kick, but did you know sports chiropractors have a few habits they wish their patients would break, too? Even if your health is important to you, it’s very possible you are doing at least one thing that puts your back, and overall health, at risk. Read through our list of common poor practices and find out what you can do to improve your wellbeing. 1. ...
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  • New York Sports Medicine Doctor Treating Carpal Tunnel

    New York Sports Medicine Doctor Treating Carpal Tunnel Are you constantly on your phone, with your head down, frantically scrolling and typing away? With so much of our lives happening somewhere else, it’s no surprise that we all happen to be looking down at those screens we can’t seem to let go of. Whether you’re checking emails for work or playing that new addicting game, chances are you’re ...
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