• How Does a Cortisone Injection Relieve Joint Pain?

    Cortisone injections are typically used for temporary relief. A cortisone injection allows a doctor to deliver potent medicine directly to the site of inflammation. For most people, the initial corticosteroid injection will reduce inflammation and pain. A successful cortisone injection can suppress localized inflammation anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months, depending on the condition of the patient ...
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  • What Is a Hamstring and What Does it Do?

    Hamstrings are made up of three muscles located on the backside of the thigh. These three muscles originate behind the pelvis and extend below the knee, behind the upper calf muscle. Two of these hamstring muscles pass the knee on the inner side while the third “hammy” inserts on the outer shin above the calf muscle. Hamstrings assist with slowing the motion of the knee while running, extending ...
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  • How Does Physical Therapy Benefit Seniors?

    One of the most common reasons for physical therapy among seniors is due to injury sustained during a fall. As we age, we tend to lose flexibility, strength, and balance. The loss of these functions may lead to a fall that could cause serious injury. For most seniors, maintaining their desired level of fitness becomes increasingly challenging. Physical therapy can not only improve these functions, ...
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  • Experiencing Elbow Pain? Try Physical Therapy!

    Elbow pain is one of the most common problems encountered by healthcare professionals. The arms and hands are used continuously. Lifting items, opening doors, twisting off a bottle cap, etc. are just a few daily activities that require use of the elbow. A sore or painful elbow can be disastrous for daily activities and athletic performance. Our goal at Manhattan Sports Therapy is to provide ...
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