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Headache Relief from a Sports Chiropractor New York, NY
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Are you constantly popping pills to get rid of your headaches? Chronic headaches can have a debilitating effect on your life. While oral medication can often provide temporary relief, there can be a more effective and longer-lasting solution when headaches are addressed at their source. For a surprising number of patients, this can involve spinal alignment and addressing the surrounding nerves, bones and tissues of the head and neck. If your headache is not originating from tension in your neck or shoulders, it may be causing it to develop over time.

A board-certified chiropractic sports physician at Manhattan Sports Therapy can help. We provide safe, natural and personalized headache treatment without medication. If over-the-counter pain relievers are only masking your problem and your headaches continue to return day after day, we invite you to consider what a chiropractor can do for you.

A Physical Approach to Treat Headaches

Chronic headaches can affect every area of your life to the point where you have days that you cannot function. Dr. Rolland Miro can offer the following expert therapies to address chronic headaches:

  • Active Release Technique® – hands-on relief that is both therapeutic and corrective. Slow, directed movements address soft tissue restrictions to reduce inflammation and increase mobility.
  • Graston Technique® – migraine headaches, tension headaches and neck pain can be treated by this therapy that uses stainless steel tools to break up scar tissue, fascial adhesions and muscle spasms.
  • Cold Laser Light Therapy – used to trigger tissue repair, improve circulation and relieve pain.
  • Spinal Adjustments – spine modifications and corrections can help eliminate referred pain from the spine, neck, and shoulders and improve vascular flow, significantly minimizing future headache and migraine episodes.

Tired of living with daily headaches or relying on medication to get you through the day? Call Manhattan Sports Therapy for natural headache relief from a chiropractor.

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